"Over 13,000 hits to her profile page in one week! Ladies and gentlemen, that's outstanding and that's the number of hits our "Featured Performer of the Week" received this week. Put your hands together for Kirsten Sowers!" 

"Since appearing in our previous Sounding Board Issue, Kirsten Sowers had been keeping busy... performing for the troops at the TD Bank Center in Philadelphia." 

"Bruce in the USA dedicated their show to the service men and women. The entire event, which also featured Kirsten Sowers, was a way to give back to the military that has done so much for our freedom. Sowers sang several songs for the first 45 minutes of the show." 

"Kirsten Sowers was very impressive. It's hard to believe that she's only 11. She was so self-poised and has a great voice."

"Though only eleven years old, Kirsten Sowers from the greater Philadelphia area is emerging as a natural musical force and talent. Kirsten writes, plays and sings her own fresh brand of country and blues music." 

"One of the most popular events of the season at Grandview Speedway is going to become even more of a fan pleasure with the appearance of Russell Newberry, a star of TV's "The Deadliest Catch"...Newberry will join with 11 year old Kirsten Sowers of Blue Bell, PA as they continue to raise funds for troops and remember 9/11. Young Sowers has performed at many popular events and will sing the National Anthem. She currently plays, writes and signs country music. Her Kirsten Kares Foundation is a big fund raiser for troops and schools in need."

"Kirsten's rendition of the National Anthem Saturday night at Wall Stadium was magnificent and earned her well deserved applause from the packed grandstands." 

"An extremely polished and personable young lady, Kirsten ... not only plays and sings country music, she also writes songs. Most-importantly, Kirsten created the "Kirsten Kares Foundation". Through her singing and special appearances... Kirsten raises money to help members of the military and their families; and also for children and schools that need assistance in times of need or emergencies." 

Kirsten "did a wonderful job.  A lot of great comments from fans.  Thank you for making the arrangements to have her with us.  Please let me know if she wants to come again."

"It is a great thing to see in this country young people respecting the men and women who protect us and fight for our rights.  I thank God for what Kirsten is doing and having the heart of a servant."

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